Social Welfare & Community Development

John Theodore Azam

Head, Social Welfare and Community Development


The Department of Social Welfare and Community Development is one of the thirteen decentralized departments of the Bongo District Assembly. It has a Head of Department with two assistants each heading one of the two units of the department, i.e. Social Welfare Unit and the Community Development Unit. The department’s activities are organized under six core programmes with each unit overseeing three programmes, i.e. Child Rights Promotion and Protection, Justice Administration and Community Care for the Social Welfare Unit as well as Adult Education, Home Science Extension and Extension Services for the Community Development Unit.

Prominent amongst the activities of the department are child and family welfare services (child protection inclusive), probation services for juveniles and the courts, services for persons with disabilities (registration and assessments as well as access to the 3% DACF inclusive), the LEAP programme, etc. The department collects and keeps data on the vulnerable through case intakes, registration and assessments and works collaboratively with other social service organizations to ensure that the vulnerable faced with multidimensional poverty, has access to integrated social services.


To take the lead in integrating the Disadvantaged, Vulnerable and Excluded into Mainstream of Development.


To work in partnership with Individuals, Families, Groups and Communities to improve their Social well-being through their active participation in promoting development with equity.


Facilitate the mobilization and use of available human and material resources to improve the living standards of Individuals, Groups, Families and Communities within an effective decentralized system of administration.

Prevent and respond to social exclusion and maladjustment within the context of National and Sub-National Development efforts.

For a comprehensive list of the social services provided by this department, you can look at the document ‘List of social services of DSWCD – Bongo