Regional Minister Unhappy Over Shabby Dressing of Assembly Employees

The Upper East Regional Minister Stephen Yakubu is distraught over the shabby dressing some employees of the various Municipal and District Assemblies show up to work in.

Whiles addressing workers at the Bongo district Assembly during a working visit to the District, Mr. Yakubu said as much he expects staff of various Assemblies across the region to work hard in order to develop the areas, it is also important for employees of the assemblies to dress appropriately to their various offices.

According to the Minister, it is unfortunate that people who occupied the same offices in other regions, especially the southern sector of the country, will appear neat and gentle in the office as compared to their counterparts in this region.

He noted that, it does not speak well for the local government level if staff fail to appear decent as Assembly employees in their offices and public places.

“We all have the same degrees as those in the down south, those in Accra, those in Koforidua, those in Kumasi we are in the same class. We all learnt this job that we are doing. But here we are practising it completely different; even the way we dress.

“Somebody will dress and be thinking that immediately after the job he is going to drink some pito, so what he is even wearing is okay. So we need to dress properly because, remember, we are taking the same salary as somebody who is working in Accra,” he said.

The minister continued to say that, “we need to work as professionals, so anybody who sees us moving would know that this person is a government worker. Right now if all of us get out and we are walking can someone identify us as people who are working in the Assembly? No! you look the same as the people out.”

The Upper East Regional Minister also called on female employees to avoid carrying their children to the workplace.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|10.1MHZ|David Azure|

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