Meet the Press – Shea Butter Factory to Be Constructed In Bongo District

A shea butter factory is earmarked to be constructed in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region, under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government’s flagship business intervention policy, One-District One-Factory (1D1F). The 1D1F is a deliberate policy by the Government to trigger rapid growth of the local economy and also, create numerous employment opportunities for Ghanaians, especially the youth.

A cross section of invited Dignitary

    The Bongo District Chief Executive (DCE), Hon. Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga announced this in his presentation at the District’s hosting of a Meet-The-Press programme held on Thursday. He disclosed that had been discussions with consultants and other State actors that culminated in the final decision to establish the factory in the area. He said upon its successful completion, the factory estimates to employ some 50 permanent workers while as many as 200 more persons from across the District would also be engaged in related value chain works. 

Mr. Ayamga, who is also the New Patriotic Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Bongo Constituency noted that, the 1D1F was a critical policy that would greatly impact the business landscape in his district which should lead to a bright economic transformation for the citizens and also, open up the area to the wider business community. He also revealed that the Bongo area was endowed with large clay deposits, dimension stones and other minerals and assured that, Management of the Assembly was searching for investors to set up factories in the district to extract these mineral resources for value addition and job creation.

Hon. Peter A. Ayamga, Bongo DCE delivering his presentation
Hon. Peter A. Ayamga, Bongo DCE delivering his presentation

Meanwhile touching on another important government intervention; the One-Village, One Dam policy which is targeted at the agriculture sector, the DCE disclosed that some 10 dams have been earmarked for the Bongo District under the first phase roll out.  He added that of the number, seven of such dams been constructed in the Feo, Kabre, Ayopia, Kodorogo, Kuyelingo, Sambologo and Goo communities and that, these were at various levels of completion. He pledged the work on the dams will continue as soon as the dry season sets in.

In addition, some 16 brand new motor bikes were also recently presented to Agric Extension Officers to aid their mobility to farming areas to offer the needed technical expertise to the district’s farmers in order to ensure that the right on-farm methodologies were being used.

Another critical area in the district’s scheme of affairs Hon. Ayamga touched on in his presentation, was electricity coverage. In this regard, he revealed that some 46 new communities across the district were scheduled to be hooked onto the national electricity grid with a further expansion in 2020. This he explained, was as a result a request made by authorities of the Assembly to the Ministry of Energy and which subsequently got the approval in July, 2019. Some of these communities include Akulyoo, Gongobiisi, Zoore, Azosidana, Abungo, Yakam and Kanga-Sungogu among others.

A cross section of the public at the event
A cross section of the public at the event

The people of Bongo can be said to have received a very good share of the figurative “National Cake” as the district was benefitting from almost every sphere of national development. There is the construction of a 1000 metric-ton warehouse which is on-going at Bogrigo with about 80 percent of work complete, there are several school infrastructure projects ongoing across communities, the district has a total of 330 beneficiaries under the Nation Builders’ Corps (NABCO) whilst the District’s Disability Fund had disbursed some 270,000.00 Ghana Cedis in recent times and was at present,  vetting and processing applications for another disbursement of about 105,000.00 Ghana Cedis to beneficiaries.

Source: Peter Atogewe Wedam

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