Information Service Department Organizes Public Education on Population and Housing Census in the Bongo District

District Information Van Educating the Public
District Information Van Educating the Public

The Bongo District Information Officer and its team members had a three-day Population and Housing Census sanitization campaign on the 15th to 17thJune 2021.

On the first day, the we were able to cover some communities, these are Borigo, Dua, Ghana -Daa, Bongo_ Soe,Ayilibia,Kabre, Ayopia,Yindogu, and Gorigu community on the 15th of June, 2021.

However, on the second day was Namoo and its surrounding communities, which we covered Bulungu, Nayorogo, Sambologo,Amanga-Nabiisi,Namoo, Boko_Bulungu-dania, Zorko, Zorko -Goo, Zorko-Goo-Awaa, Vea,Vea – Asoramabiisi,Lungu, and so on.

Finally, the third day was Gowrie and its surrounding communities, which include, Anafobiisi, Gowrie, Nayire-Yirepala, kunkua, kasingo,Tengre, Dabore, Abaabiisi, Bongo township and many more.

The education was successful, some comments, questions were asked, concerns were raised and addressed.

We are working together with the DCIC for 2020 PHC, Assembly members and radio station information centers of the various communities to achieve our goals for Mother Ghana.

Source: Paulina Abebisa (District Officer ISD)

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