DCE of Bongo, Hon. Rita Atanga calls on residents in Bongo to fully support E-Levy

The District Chief Executive of Bongo, Rita Atanga has admonished people in the Bongo District to support the implementation of the ‘controversial’ Electronic Transaction Levy which is currently before the Parliament of Ghana.

Addressing the 65th Independence Day Celebration at Bongo under the theme “Working together; Bouncing back better” Mrs Atanga said the country is bedevilled with numerous developmental challenges. It is therefore imperative for the government to find viable ways in solving them hence the need for the people of Bongo district and Ghana as a whole to support the e-levy to go through successfully.

“The enormous challenges we are faced with led to the introduction of E-levy, yet to be passed by the Parliament of Ghana. I admonish the people of Bongo district to support the e-levy to propel our country to the next level of development,” he said.

Madam Atanga continuous to say that, “the e-levy will help the payment of contractors, support entrepreneurship, cybersecurity and digital security, will help road infrastructure, and proved jobs for our people which includes people from Bongo district”

According to the Bongo District Chief Executive, the revenue government will get yearly from the e-levy will cause massive changes in all aspects of the Ghanaian economy which she says will be of benefit to every Ghanaian.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure |Bongo|

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