Bongo District Assembly Observes Green Ghana Day

On June 10, 2022, the Bongo District Assembly marked Green Ghana Day as part of the government’s commitment to replenish Ghana’s vegetation in light of the deteriorating environment and forest loss.

Together with representatives of the Forestry Commission, the tree planting activity was ceremoniously carried out in the forecourt of the District Assembly grounds.

The District Coordinating Director, Chief Adams Mustapha, praised the Ghanaian government for this effort and said it was important to observe the day to remind us that it is good to restore greenery to the environment. He extended his gratitude to Ghana’s Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources for its efforts to maintain Ghana’s forests’ vegetation. As the proverb says, “the last tree to die on earth is likewise the last man to die too,” he emphasized the significance of trees in human existence. According to science, trees contribute to the generation of rainfall, the creation of shade, and many other processes.

Stakeholders, department heads, and everyone else should take advantage of this activity, which is being conducted today around the nation, by planting trees at our offices and other residences. Additionally, the workout doesn’t finish once you plant it; you still need to take care of it till it grows.

Chief Mustapha Adam, the District Coordinating Director, Mr Kizito Akommang, the Assistant Director, Mr Martin Atanga, the Head of the District Forestry Bongo Unit, and other department heads all participated in the symbolic planting of a tree to represent the exercise.

According to Mr Martine Atanga, the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources donated 20,000 000 seedlings for widespread planting this year, with 5,000 seedlings going to the Bongo area. A few saplings were planted on the Assembly grounds, while the others were to be dispersed to the nearby towns.

Source: Paulina Abebisa (District Officer ISD)

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