Bongo District Assembly Disburses Funds to Empower Persons with Disabilities

In a collaborative effort between the District Assembly and the Department of Social Welfare, the much-anticipated disbursement of 3% of the District Assembly Common Fund has been successfully allocated to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). Prior to the disbursement, beneficiaries underwent comprehensive training sessions to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to make the best use of the funds provided.

The training focused on harnessing natural tools for business success, emphasizing that every individual possesses inherent capabilities, such as the power of their mind, hands, legs, and voice. Participants were enlightened on the essential traits required for entrepreneurial endeavors, including a business-minded approach, unwavering focus, determination, and resilience. Analogies were drawn to growing a tree, highlighting the importance of nurturing and caring for a business to achieve growth and bear fruitful results. Beneficiaries were also advised against misusing any profits generated from their ventures, encouraging them to reinvest in the growth and expansion of their businesses.

During the event, Mr. Mba Clement delivered a welcoming address on behalf of Madam Selina Atanga, the recently elected president of the Ghana Federation of Disabilities, Bongo chapter (GFD). He conveyed a sincere apology for the delay in disbursing funds for the 2022 financial year, expressing regret for any inconvenience caused. Mr. Clement announced that a total of one hundred beneficiaries were scheduled to receive support in various categories, including income-generating activities, education, and animal rearing. While seventy-nine members had already benefited, the remaining twenty-one were assured that their turn would come soon. He emphasized the transformative impact of the disbursement and urged the fortunate recipients to serve as role models for their peers who are yet to benefit.

In her address, Madam Selina Atanga extended her gratitude to the District Chief Executive (DCE) and the Bongo District Assembly for their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of PWDs. She praised their sustained efforts over the years and recognized the significance of this ongoing support. Madam Atanga applauded the Assembly’s dedication to ensuring the well-being and meaningful inclusion of PWDs within the community.

The District Coordinating Director, in his opening remarks, acknowledged that the funds had been delayed due to various challenges. However, he assured attendees that the necessary issues had been addressed, leading to the successful disbursement on that day.

Mr. John Azam, the Director for Social Welfare and Community Development, urged beneficiaries to utilize the funds responsibly for their intended purposes, as the committee would conduct thorough monitoring to ensure compliance.

Hon. Rita Atanga, the District Chief Executive, highlighted the Assembly’s unwavering commitment to supporting PWDs and their welfare. She emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to remove barriers hindering the progress and development of PWDs, aiming to empower them and enhance their living standards. Hon. Atanga emphasized her open-door policy and willingness to collaborate with all stakeholders for the overall development of the Bongo district.

Hon. Atanga also disclosed that GH¢34,900.00 had already been disbursed to support twelve Senior High School and tertiary students. An additional GH¢10,100.00 was allocated to fifty-nine students in special schools to assist with transportation costs. As part of the economic ventures initiative, GH¢81,100.00 was disbursed among fifty-four applicants involved in various endeavors, such as petty trading, Dawadawa processing, malt processing, basket weaving, and more. Furthermore, GH¢ 18,200.00 was provided to thirteen applicants engaged in animal rearing. Hon. Atanga extended her congratulations and well wishes to all beneficiaries embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Source: Paulina Abebisa (Ag. District Officer ISD)

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