Balungu: Schools Lack Appropriate Furniture; Pupils Lie on Stomachs to Study

Three schools in the Balungu Electoral Area in the Bongo District of the Upper East region are lacking adequate furniture for effective teaching and learning activities. The situation is said to have persisted for five years.

The schools include Balungu Kindergarten, Primary and Junior high school, Nabisi Kindergarten, Primary and Junior high school as well as Amoyama Kindergarten and Primary school all in the Balungu Electoral Area.

Speaking to A1 News, Assembly Member of the Balungu Electoral Area Edward Abesiwine Asekere indicated that, the situation is affecting the pupils in the schools. He said the pupils have to lie on their stomachs to learn; a situation which he describes as unfortunate.

“The poor state of our schools has been in existence for the past five years, the schools in the Electoral Area, the majority of learners lay on their bellies to study. So all these schools in my electoral area need furniture, if you want to break it down, Nabisi primary and KG we need about 243 dual desks, Nabisi junior high school we need 50 dual desks, now if you go to Balungu primary and KG the schools needs 120 dual desks, and also Balungo Junior high school where I completed needs 77 desks while Amoyama KG and primary 1 to 3 needs 40 dual desks,” he disclosed.

According to Mr Asekere, the Bongo District Assembly is aware of the schools’ situation but has been unable to address the predicament of the schools.

He said “The fact of the matter is that the Assembly is incapacitated. The Assembly cannot provide furniture. So as we speak is not just Balungo that is lacking furniture but it is almost all the schools in the district do not have furniture. Even the District Chief Executive, both the immediate past and the current DCE, are aware of the current situation in the district unfortunately they are unable to assist because we do not have enough resources available at the district assembly level,” he said.

The Assembly Member for the Balungu Electoral Area has therefore appealed to organizations and individuals to go to the aid of the schools and help them with furniture to better the current condition of the pupils.

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