Projects for Bridges, Culverts handed over to Contractors

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Bongo Assembly in the Upper East Region, Hon. Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga has handed over two different sites to a contractor for the construction of a bridge and three culverts all valued at 289,000.00 Ghana Cedis. The beneficiary communities are Saabo and Feo-Kunkua.

Hon. Ayinbisa who took the contractor to the project sites in the communities this Tuesday for formal introduction to traditional authorities and the community members, said the move was not only to do site possession but also, to court the support and involvement of all stakeholders to ensure a smooth execution of the projects. He revealed that funding for the projects was coming from the District Performance Assessment Tool (DEPAT II). He stated “it is the duty of Nana Addo-led government to ensure that all sectors of the economy received the required development and so, the fruition of these projects shows that we don’t promise and fail”.

The Feo-Kunkua site in its current  state
The Feo-Kunkua site in its current state

According to the DCE, the government’s recent declaration of 2020 as a “Year of Roads” also pushed his Assembly into motion to do all it can, to fix major roads, bridges and culverts that connected communities so as to improve mobility for pedestrians and vehicles especially during the rainy season. He mentioned for example the “much-talked-about” Bongo-Balungu road which was currently being graded, its bridges and culverts also filled and receiving finishing works. For the Saabo culverts in particular, he noted it will serve as an alternative road for commuters from and to Bolgatanga, the regional capital. It will additionally, be of great benefit to nearby communities such as Gowrie and Kunkua.

The DCE was happy that his administration succeeded in getting funding for the projects since he recalled that governments in the past left the area unattended to. He disclosed that persistent requests and reminders from the Anafobiisi chief also kept the area on his mind hu consistently and so when the opportunity came, he quickly factored in the project. He appealed to the people to give another term to President Nana Addo and his government as he pledged that government was poised to build on the solid foundation laid in its first term across the districts and communities.

In his remarks, the chief for Anafobiisi Naba Anyanebah Akolgo Saabo II, commended the DCE for delivering on his promise and expressed the community’s best wishes for him in his political career. The chief also recalled a previous request for a borehole which had since been provided for his community and that, he could not doubt the successful completion of this current project for the construction of the culverts. He appealed to the contractor to employ local hands where need be so as to offer some jobs to his subjects which the contractor obliged except for works which required specific technical know-how.

The DCE and his team of technical officers from the Assembly left Saabo for Feo-Kunkua where a similar project was also handed over to the same contractor. Here, he stated that each of the projects were to be delivered within a period of six months but said he was optimistic the contractor could finish the jobs in about two to three months as the communities had waited for far too long for these projects.

Feo Queen-mother  thanks the DCE on  behalf of her people
Feo Queen-mother thanks the DCE on behalf of her people

Queen mother for Feo, Madam Felicia Agamboka who spoke on behalf of her people also thanked the Assembly for bringing the contractor to site saying when completed, community members will no longer face impediments in crossing the water body to their farms and to other adjoining areas. She also revealed that the bridge connects Burkina Faso to Ghana as traders from the former have been plying the route for several decades for commercial and other purposes in the latter.

Source: Peter Atogewe Wedam (ISD-Bongo)

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